Getting (re) started

Today is Tuesday, 9/6/11. This past weekend I was in Atlantic City for a bachelor party for a friend of mine, Mike Stigi. I smoked. I didn’t even try not to. They night before I left I met some friends out for happy hour and bought a pack on the way. Today I am quitting, again. I feel excited about this attempt and believe I can pull through. Last week I went 4, almost 5 days, without a cigarette. I feel terrible about smoking this weekend. However, this time I think I have a better plan. My goal is to write in this blog everyday for the next 3 months. I will talk about the previous hours since my last post, how I have been feeling, what has made me want to to smoke, and what has helped me avoid it. Additionally, I will be using the quit smoking app (livestrong) on my iphone. I am surprised how much it helps to read other peoples thoughts who are going to through different stages of the same process. Finally I will use the quit smoking meditation/hypnosis app that I used a bit earlier. It seems to be effective, I just need to make sure I make time for it everyday. One of the begin themes I would like to incorporate into my fitness and nutrition blog is the importance of creating good habits. That same principle need comes in to play here, and I need to act on my own advice and create a habit of recording my thoughts and listening to the app.


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