Day 2 and the epiphany I already knew.

Day 2

I broke down and had a half a cigarette last night.  The main reason for this post is not to talk about that, but more to write about a nice thought I had.  I just posted a pic on my tumblr:


And the caption was “I am really starting to embrace minimalist design.”


But is is more than that.  I am trying to incoporate the idea of  minimalism into every aspect of my life.

Less stuff. (time to clean out the apt and all the junk I keep around for no reason)

Less addiction. (see you later ciggs, keep cutting out the booze)

Less drama. (starting to separate myself from anyone who consistently has gossip or issues or fights or whatever)

Less debt. (for obvious reasons)

Less stress. (more meditation, more being present, less worrying about things I cannot control)

Less fat. (literally, I am on a constant mission of cutting body fat and becoming lighter and leaner.


I don’t know what will bring happiness into my life, but I do know that the more I have of all of those things does the opposite.  So as far as I can tell, less of everything is the way to go.



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