7/21/11 1:30pm

Today is day 4 of not smoking. I had a craving this morning due to work and a couple personal things going on. However, I didn’t and I am happy I didnt.

I had a cough that was getting pretty phlegmy. I wasn’t sure if it was attributed to smoking or allergies. However, 4 days in and the cough is almost completely gone. When I take deep breaths, my chest feels cleaner.

My mom has had a bad cough for awhile. The doctor has her on nebulizer treatments, steroid injections, and an inhaler 4 times a day. If things don’t get better in the next couple days they want her to come in for a chest x-ray. Naturally, the worst possibly scenarios have been rushing through my head. Emphysema or pneumonia, which would both be terrible for obvious reasons added to the fact that my mom has a very weak heart, or the worst of the worst… lung cancer. Fingers crossed and prayers at full throttle.